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Alive With Aloha!©

"Live Fully, Love Freely, Live Aloha Now."©

"Viva Plenamente, Ame Libremente, Viva ALOHA Ahora."©

Welcome! * "E Komo Mai" * Bienvenidos.
("Welcome" in Hawai'ian & Español)


Would you like to re-discover the

"Aloha Spirit" within?


Would you like to Expand, Energize, Transform and Thrive?


Experience Wellness and Live Optimally?


Live more Consciously and Aware?


Experience Oneness, Peace, Joy and Harmony?


Empower Yourself to

Express your Authentic Self


Live Your True Potential:

Infinitely Creative Love ~ Living Aloha Spirit


The magic of the Hawai'ian Islands is in how you feel while you're here.  Imagine being in paradise, not a care in the world, relaxing, enjoying the vivid beauty around you.  You're in harmony, in communion, easily living in the flow, guided by your wise heart.


You're listening within, trusting, expressing integrity, authenticity and honesty, making decisions that feel right and naturally work out for the good of all. 


Imagine living in the wonder of each moment, expanding your capacities, growing far beyond what you'd ever dreamed of...  shedding the old, and embodying what makes your heart sing.


This is what it feels like to live consciously, to  be "Alive With Aloha", to be so filled with the Aloha Spirit you are radiating love and gratitude, joy and wisdom.  Living, being, expressing unconditional creative love...  Transforming all by your presence and being yourself... living in harmony, as one.


Can this truly be possible in today's world?  Oh yes!  


Whether you're interested in improving your own life, or being in joyful service at a deeper level, while experiencing more balance, inner happiness, compassion, freedom of choice and peace of mind, discover how...


Contact LuSana Joy Hernández, M.S.W.


Give yourself the gift of transforming easily and naturally.

"Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life."©

For more information in English and Español, contact:

LuSana Joy Hernández, MSW

Life Enhancement Coach
Intuitive Guide


Holistic Wellness
Transformative Energy

(In English & Español)

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Alive With Aloha! ©

"Live Fully, Love Freely, Live Aloha Now." ©

"Viva Plenamente, Ame Libremente, Viva ALOHA Ahora."©

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"Viva Plenamente, Ame Libremente, Viva ALOHA Ahora".

"Live Fully, Love Freely, Live Aloha Now."  (c)

English & Español

All Materials on this website are copyrighted.

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