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 About LuSana 

Since 1984, LuSana Joy Hernández, MSW, now a retired & former Clinical Social Worker, has served in the Transformational Field, with human potential, wellness & holistic healing as her focus, in her roles as Counselor, Consultant, Educator & Coach.

Her training & years working in  mental health clinics, Employee Assistance Consulting with businesses & hospitals; substance abuse & co-dependency treatment, domestic violence treatment & outpatient mental health~behavioral health  counseling, & Lifestyle Wellness programs all added to an integration & bridging of transformative, holistic modalities combined with conventional Western medicine (allopathic) perspectives. 


Her own chronic & life-threatening health challenges have offered wonderful opportunities to research & apply modalities for her own personal healing, development & transformation. LuSana has been trained & is self-taught in both Eastern & Western traditions... The research is holistically focused on the Mind~Body~Spirit. She has a deep understanding of life changes. She experiences respect & compassion for each individual's personal journey. 

Specialty areas also include HSPs (Highly Sensitive People), Empaths, those with multiple sensitivities (chemical, food, light, sound, touch, energetic...). She focuses on  Wellbeing in spite of Chronic Illnesses, through Conscious Living - deepening our inner connection, our experience of oneness with Life & one another, while truly respecting oneself.

Her joy comes in mentoring you in learning & practicing how to experience life from your own highest, conscious choices, based on inner peace, compassion for self & others, with greater practicality, wisdom & effectiveness... while being more yourself, in the Now.

Her compassion as an empath, her own personal journey & professional experiences all serve to create a safe space to explore, learn & gracefully move beyond that which may be blocking you from living from your own soul, heart & body wisdom. Experience, embody & express your true self. 

LuSana's approach is also valuable in the business arena, for reducing work stress, increasing communication, improving relationships. Through one's individual application of the principles, one can experience personal growth. Results include improved morale, teamwork, communication, creativity & productivity.


Her personal interests include music, sound healing, dance & movement, languages, hula, chanting, spirituality, nature & sacred sites,  energy psychology, connecting from the heart with others from all over. World travel feeds her soul, as does food from many cultures...

She loves tuning into World Peace, global harmony, cooperation & sustainability through self-empowerment & personal transformation.

LuSana focuses on the oneness & interconnectedness of all of life, while enjoying & celebrating diversity, through consciously embodying Life, Universal Energy, the Essence of Love, the Spirit of Aloha, the Compassion & Wisdom Within All.

Thus we can share & facilitate the living Aloha Spirit, in action, Here & Now, so that we empower ourselves & one another through compassion, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom, creativity, mutual respect, vision, practicality & common sense.


LuSana was born & lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, & is bilingual in English & EspañolFrom a multicultural & multifaith background, as a child she moved to Seattle, Washington; later lived in Mexico, Oregon, Venezuela & Japan.  

A Universal being & a Hawai'ian at heart, she's extremely grateful to have been blessed since 1984 to be living within Honolulu's stunning beauty & diverse cultures.  


LuSana is also trained & experienced in A&R (Ask & ReceiveTM), Bach Flower Essence RemediesTM, Bio-Touch HealingTM,  Breathwork, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy), Essential Oils, Rogerian therapy, Meditation, Reiki & other Energy modalities, TFTTM (Thought Field TherapyTM), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Tapping (Energy Self-Tapping on Meridians), Compassionate Communication (NVC-NonViolent Communication), & The Yessence TechniqueTM


LuSana loves sharing transformational modalities through seminars, classes, individual sessions (in person, by phone, Zoom or Skype).


(As an Ordained Minister, licensed in the State of Hawai'i, LuSana can also officiate weddings, funerals, baptisms & other sacred ceremonies). 

Her love of sharing the Aloha Spirit shines through in the experience of connecting with you ~ your beautiful essence... the Divine, Life itself, through sacred teaching, celebrations & blessings.  Feel the joy of the moment, enjoy the power of connection, feel the sacredness of being.

Give yourself the gift of transforming easily and naturally.

"Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life."©

For more information in English and Español, contact:

LuSana Joy Hernández, MSW

Life Enhancement Coach
Intuitive Guide


Holistic Wellness
Transformative Energy

(In English & Español)


Please visit us again soon, as this website is updated  and will be translated into Spanish.

(Favor de visitarnos, ya que se cambia el sitio de web y va a ser traducido al Español.)


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