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Wednesday, January 21 2009

Aloha Dearest Family & Friends!

I am very happy to announce I shall be facilitating a new seminar called "Living Healthy, Living AlohaŽ". 

It is held through the Kaiser Lifestyle Program at Kaiser Honolulu Clinic STARTING this WED., 1/218 - 2/18

Level 1 Seminar is being offered starting Wednesday, 1/28 6pm~ 8pm, and meets for 5 sessions!  An added meeting for FREE!!! 

(BTW Level II will be offered again this summer, God willing.)

With your interest and participation, it promises to be a fun, informative and inspiring class!

Discover how the power of the "Aloha spirit" within can help you deal with these changing times, experience increased ease in transitions, create a more healing lifestyle, and transform your life with love, common sense, and grace. 

Learn how to connect with the inner Aloha spirit with the breath and other natural techniques and practices.  Discover and begin to free yourself from unconscious and self-limiting patterns that no longer serve you.  Experience a healthier and happier you, while creating a more abundant life!

Level 1: 1/28 - 2/18.  (4 meetings)
Level 2: 2/25 - 3/18.  (4 meetings)
Wednesdays, 6pm - 8pm. 

Kaiser Honolulu Clinic, Conference Room A
1010 Pensacola St., Honolulu, HI 96814
(Kitty corner from Beretania Safeway; ocean~Ewa side.)
(Between Young St. & S. King St.)

YOU!?  YOU & YOUR FRIENDS?!  Anyone interested in improving their health, handling change & transitions more easily, choosing to make healing lifestyle changes through natural practices.

Seminar Instructor:
Lusana Joy Hernández, MSW; Holistic Self-Healing Facilitator, Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Body Worker.

$72 Nonmember; $64 Kaiser member, $48 Kaiser Employee.
(Fee for each Level; Level I is a pre-requisite for Level II)
(Level II also offered this summer.)

Call 432-2270 to register with the Kaiser Lifestyle Program.

Or send in the registration form in the Kaiser Healthy Living Class catalogue with payment to the above address.  Please contact me or call the Kaiser Lifestyle Program (808-432-2270)to let us know you're coming!

Kaiser "Healthy Living" Catalogues are available!
Call 432-2270 to request one.

*Walk-ins are not recommended, as the class may be full. 
Kindly call to pre-register!

COME JOIN US!  Please come and share your beautiful presence! 
A good time can be had by all!
Please feel free to share this website with your friends!

With Heartfelt Gratitude & Aloha,

Lusana Joy Hernández

"Live Fully, Love Freely, Live Aloha NOW!"



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Tuesday, January 20 2009

Aloha All!

Today our new President will be inaugurated.  What a terrific year to be alive, to witness these times!

Here in Hawai'i, last Thursday we experienced a storm that could have turned into 60mph winds.  Thankfully, the storm warning was just a warning...  After a very windy evening and night, things Friday calmed down. 

The kids were lucky though, as the warning had been serious enough to cancel school for the day!  There is always the possibility of seeing something good come out of what we might consider to be quite negative.

We can look at things from a purely physical perspective, and we can play with ideas... stories that we come up with regarding the storm...   One story I have is that the winds we had were making the way for the new Presidency!

Of course, we can create all kinds of other interpretations.  For me, the key is that we were spared a serious storm, people were left unhurt and homes were left whole.   I am grateful for this, as recently we had tremendous rains that resulted in flooding, loss of property and more.

Again, though, we are thankful here in Hawai'i.  We have so much!  Although today is not Thanksgiving Day, why now spend a few moments to consider what you might be thankful for?

And enjoy the Inauguration!

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Tuesday, January 20 2009

Aloha Everyone!

Just wanted to clarify that the seminar will be starting on 1/28 and meets for 4 sessions, until 2/18.

For those wishing to continue on, LEVEL II meets 2/25 - 3/18!

I am thrilled to be offering both seminars.

E Komo Mai!   Welcome!   Come join us in the fun : )



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Friday, January 16 2009

Wow!  Am I THRILLED to offer my NEW SEMINAR starting Wed. 1/28, 6-8pm!

So much energy is running through me, that I can barely sleep!

It's been soooo long since I last facilated a seminar ~ workshop ~ classes through Kaiser's Lifestyle program. It has been nearly 9 years!  Feels reeealllyyy good to back!

I just love holding workshops through Kaiser's Lifestyle Program!  The coordinator, Dennis, and his lovely assistant, Ashlyn, are incredibly beautiful beings!  (Aren't we all when we are operating from the wisdom of our heart?)

Dennis and Ashlyn always are there to support us - the members, the staff, the general public interested in taking classes there... & lucky me. It's been this way since the beginning, way back in 1994 until 2000, when I took a sabbatical. And I am sure in the meantime, they have continued to operate in this generous, supportive and kind manner!  

9 - the number of completion.  Boy does that fit! This year is a powerful one, with most completing certain times in their lives. 

Many are making radical changes in their lives as they are waking up to their true heart's desires.  This is all we, as a collective humanity, are awakening!

It is thrilling!  And sometimes scary to change so swiftly.  Yet the more we put on our inner seatbelts (refocus within, on our inner self), relax into our seat (our Self ~ heart ~ body), the more fun the ride will be!





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Friday, January 16 2009

I'm sooo excited about my newest seminar!!!

It's been 9 years since I facilitated my workshops at Kaiser's Lifestyle Program...

9 - completion...   So the completion of one time in my life, ready to begin the next!

And what a time to do so!  With President Obama's Inauguration on Tuesday... WOW!  And I had no idea of the date when I scheduled "Living Healthy, Living Aloha".

This first workshop begins 1/28!  Please come share your beautiful presence ; )

More later...


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