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Wednesday, August 12 2009

Aloha Everyone!

It's been a while...  Got busy with Facebook & other ways of communicating.  So now I'm back!  Thanks for bearing with me!

Recently a great friend of mind introduced me to this wondeful opportunity!  I signed up on Thursday, 7/30, around 4pm.

At first I was hesitant, having had yucky experiences with other network marketing.

Mandura's comp plan is so new, so innovative, that they are indeed living their vision of:   "ONE LEG, ONE VISION, ONE TEAM".

To date (less than 2 weeks later), more than 3430 people have joined the team under me!  It's a spectacular comp plan!  And it is easy and so much fun to share...

MANDURA Royal Fruit Juice is super nutritious - it has Mangosteen, Durian, Acaí & Blueberry.

Mind you, I have tried many, many power juices, and this one tastes DELICIOUS!

I love how I feel (no caffeine, no natural stimulants), and to know that every day people are signing up as they share this innovative plan - combined with how tasty and nutritious Mandura is, I am thrilled!

It's an awesome way to combine HEALTH with WEALTH!

Don't you deserve to give it a try?

The initial investment is very low and includes both the powerful Mandura Royal Fruits Juice and a replicated website... and as your business grows, you can upgrade easily!


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