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 Connecting With Others 

In today's fastpaced world, as we push ourselves to keep up, we can easily feel quite isolated, less connected with our loved ones and friends.  Our busy lifestyles, sometimes very compartmentalized and separated, can leave us with a longing to slow down, to be, to share with one another at deeper levels of the heart.

Notice how the uniqueness of small "Mom & Pop" grocery stores has been replaced by chains that look the same, using the same lay out, facilitating the speed with which we can do our shopping.  "Greeters" are sometimes used, perhaps to help mitigate the impersonal nature of some of these larger chain stores.

Technology offers us ways to connect in ways that our greatgrandparents and grandparents might never have imagined.  Cell phones & the internet allow us to communicate instantly with one another, perhaps a reminder to us of our abilities to connect telepathically. 

Mothers have frequently experienced telepathic communication, knowing when a child is in danger or in need, even miles away...  Those that are very connected & linked, such as loving partners, siblings or colleagues, also have the experience of telepathic communication, finishing each others' sentences, coming up with the same idea at the same time...  Yet until we evolve enough to consciously communicate telepathically with all, we need to utilize the wonderful technology available currently.

In our rush, in our ever busy lives, what has happened to actually being connected, and the "feeling of connection"?

One aspect is our own disconnection with ourselves.  We have been taught to ignore our body's signals, we have been trained to suppress what we feel.  We eat at scheduled times, keep awake with computer use and TV, altering our natural biological rhythms.  To learn more on how to connect within, check out the rest of this site.

How about connecting with others?  Those who still send out holiday cards (and somehow find the time and energy to do so) may be connecting once a year with old friends.  Others (who have given up the tradition of sending out cards) may wish they had time to do so, but find that they choose other more pressing priorities that take over their time.

How about sending a "Thank You Note"?  That lovely tradition has also fallen away as our lives have gotten busier.  Yet isn't it a treat to receive one?  And doesn't it feel good to send?

Even better are unexpected cards, or calls ~ when someone we love or care about has unexpectedly sent us a card or calls us to share their gratitude, appreciation, showing they are thinking of us.  Doesn't it feel great?!  And doesn't it feel great to connect with your friends, associates & family?   It lifts everyone's spirits!

Most important is to connect from the heart... to spend time together, being present to one another. Time without our cell phones or the TV blaring. Time, quiet time, experiencing ourselves & each other.
Make time... you are worth it!


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