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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What drew LuSana to Holistic Healing, Energy Healing & other non-Western modalities?
    Although trained in the conventional, Western (Allopathic) perspective, as an empath & highly sensitive person, LuSana has had experiences since childhood that include intuitive abilities, the *knowing* of our innate wholeness, our interconnectedness ~ Oneness & a quantum perspective. As a professional in outpatient behavioral health clinics & EAPs, she began exploring Vibrational ~ Energy Healing, Worldwide Natural Healing techniques when Western techniques did not address the causes, nor seem to work on a profound level. Through her received extensive training & practice in Holistic Healing & Energy work, as well as Transformational ~ Consciousness Principles that address the Body~Mind~Spirit, she shares what supports you increasing your experience of joy, peace, vitality & self-empowerment. As one is more grounded & centered, one can express more creativity, communicate more authentically in ways that help one connect with the other, function more effectively & enjoy life more.

  • Where can I learn more about the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy? Which oils would benefit me most?
    Schedule a session with LuSana to explore your individual needs. Then receive recommendations for oils specific to you & suggestions on how to best use the essential oils. If you wish to purchase high quality essential oils, one option: doTERRA offers pure, therapeutic grade oils that smell heavenly while offering healing benefits. Many of the oils sold by doTERRA are GRAS "Generally Regarded as Safe" for ingestion. e.g. you can enjoy doTERRA GRAS oils such as Peppermint, Lemon or Fennel in water. (*NOTE: Always check for GRAS rating before you ingest an oil, whether doTERRA or other brand. Also, some oils are irritating if put on the skin.)

  • Where can I purchase high quality essential oils?
    If you wish to purchase high quality essential oils, one option: doTERRA offers pure, therapeutic grade oils that smell heavenly while offering healing benefits. Many of the oils sold by doTERRA are GRAS "Generally Regarded as Safe" for ingestion. e.g. you can enjoy doTERRA GRAS oils such as Peppermint, Lemon or Fennel in water. (*NOTE: Always check for GRAS before you ingest. Also, some oils are irritating if put on the skin.) Wear other doTerra single oils or blends as perfumes or diffuse them in a room to share the beautiful scents. Experience the benefits of cutting edge technology, combined with the oils in the ESSENTIAL SKIN CARE. Feel & look better, more grounded, relaxed & balanced. Enjoy!

  • How can I support my body in de-stressing and relaxing through energy healing and bodywork?
    To greatly assist the body in feeling better, and facilitate it's own self-healing, experience healing sessions such as BioTouch Healing, Reiki Energy, Ilahinoor Energy and/or BowTech (Bowenwork) Bodywork. These sessions will leave you relaxed, help reduce stress and pain, and trigger your body's own innate healing process, while accessing your natural energy and wellbeing. It's awesome how something that can feel so good is also good for you!

  • I have heard that 'grounding', being centered & calm, is helpful in today's frenetic world. Can LuSana help with this?
    Our bodies have infinite wisdom & can help us live much more in harmony. Learn how to access your own body's wisdom. Discover how to get more comfortable being in your own body, even enjoy it! Adjust to a changing body. Experience more peace, even while dealing with chronic pain or other physical challenges. Discover how movement can help you support your own body & experience more wellness & vitality.

  • I love experiencing peace of mind during my meditation, yoga practice, or while surfing, dancing, etc. It then seems to disappear. How do I experience that more often throughout the day?
    LuSana can support you in learning & practicing how to empower yourself to live in a more meditative state of mind, in the Now. Schedule sessions by telephone or Zoom today.

  • I am feeling more stressed, reactive & challenged by what is going on around us... Can LuSana help?
    Absolutely! The world is going through tremendous changes. How we respond (or whether we react unconsciously) makes a huge difference in our experience of the dramatic changes around us. Discover how to handle these worldwide (& personal) challenges from a more grounded, peaceful, empowered state... Reduce your stress & anxiety, feel better, more at peace, so you can access your own guidance - despite the turmoil. Handle your own personal challenges from more wisdom, common sense, clarity & perspective.

  • How can I better address the psychological causes of stress that are affecting my body~mind?
    To address the source of stress, schedule private consultations with LuSana. Learn simple, yet powerfully effective techniques that focus on easily clearing mental and emotional blocks to access your living essence, vitality, joy and creativity. Experience individual sessions either by phone, Skype or Zoom. (Face to face sessions are by special arrangement.)

  • How can I learn more about what's holding me back? How can I bounce back from life's speed bumps more quickly? How do I more easily move forward in my life? How can I be more of who I'd like to be, improve the quality of my life, experience more joy & peace of mind?
    Experience holistic, wellness mentoring sessions, coaching and/or training that inspires & facilitates awakening to a greater awareness of your true self. Sessions assist you with embodying & more fully expressing your potential, purpose, creativity, inner joy, abundance, peace & clarity. Schedule a series of phone, Skype, Zoom session or face to face consultations by contacting LuSana Joy.

  • I am concerned about my family & loved ones...
    The more grounded, centered, at peace & at ease we are, the more we can support & empower our loved ones & family members. Discover how to return & reset to your natural state of calm. Learn how to best support others, while also taking care of yourself.

  • How can I feel better, despite severe, chronic illnesses?
    It can be challenging to be in a body, with physical limitations. Thankfully, our body does not define who we are. No matter our external challenges, we have the capacity to experience life from an inner state that supports & empowers us. If you are dealing with chronic illnesses, challenged by health issues & wish to experience greater quality of life from the inside out: work with LuSana to learn how to access more peace, joy, acceptance & fulfillment. (Her own challenges have taught her it is definitely possible to live, not just survive, despite tremendous limitations...).

  • How long has LuSana been a transformational mentor & consciousness coach?
    LuSana Joy has been working in Hawai'i since 1984 in the field of human potential, self-empowerment & consciousness... as well as mental health, family violence, substance abuse & co-dependency... offering a holistic healing & wellness approach in both private practice & in allopathic (Western medicine) settings. She also worked in businesses & hospitals as an Employee Assistance Program Consultant (outsourced & in-house), creating & facilitating classes designed specifically for the organizational & employee needs. She offered staff training for doctors, nurses, assistants & staff in banks, insurance companies, etc.

  • What services has LuSana offered previously?
    As a former bi-lingual (Spanish/English) clinical/psychiatric social worker, LuSana Joy developed & offered workshops, coaching, staff trainings, psychotherapy & psychoeducational groups. She worked with couples, as well. She enjoyed working with deaf clients with an ASL interpreter, understanding the challenges of communication & cultural differences. As a self-healing facilitator, sessions in her private practice have included energy work~vibrational healing, self-empowerment & self-healing techniques, bodywork & practical life-enhancement tools. Her work & practice have always been focused on innate health, the mind~body~spirit connection, & human potential; empowering people to be all who they choose to be.

  • Where else has LuSana offered services?
    Previous settings have included private practice; training, prevention & wellness programs, hospitals, outpatient mental health clinics, substance abuse, HIV/Aids, domestic violence treatment programs, & Employee Assistance Programs. Pro bono mentorship has also enriched LuSana's practice.

  • I'd like to get married in Hawai'i ~ Can LuSana officiate the ceremony?
    Yes. LuSana Joy is an Ordained and Licensed Minister. She officiates weddings, funerals, baptisms & other sacred ceremonies. LuSana Joy is registered with the State of Hawai'i to perform weddings. Her joy in connecting with others & the Divine creates ceremonies that are attuned to you & the beauty of life itself, opening to the experience, the presence & sacredness of the memorable moments & celebration. Co-create a beautiful, personalized ceremony...

  • Are services offered in Spanish? Se ofrecen sesiones en Castellano?
    Yes, you can receive sessions in both English and Spanish. Si, puede recibir sesiones ambos en Ingles y Castellano.

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