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 I Choose Love 

As we remember what is truly important in our lives, we refocus naturally on love... unconditional, freely shared, uplifting for us and all whom we connect with...

The power of Love as Healer, the power of Love as Harmonizer, the power of Love  as Transformer... this is the true power of Aloha.

All this and more comes to us as we choose Love ~ the true Spirit of Aloha.

Love freely shared, Love freely received, truly Living Aloha Now, gifts all of humanity and uplifts each one of us in the process.   

As loving beings, openheartedly sharing ourselves ~ our spirit, our essence ~ we touch one another, heart to heart.   As we forgive ourselves and others, we free ourselves to be more authentically ourselves, attracting into our worlds more beauty, healing and harmony.

This is how we transform ~ ourselves, our lives, our world, our planet.

Each one of us counts.  Our presence is essential, our gifts needed in our world.  

As we love ourselves, embrace our totality... as we choose to be ourselves, we more easily remember who we are ~ pure, infinitely creative Love ~ the true Aloha Spirit within...  the same Aloha Spirit that surrounds us and permeates all.

Thus we free ourselves to express ourselves more and more authentically, joyfully, creatively, lovingly and wisely.

Peace comes from within.  As we choose Love, choose to Live Aloha, we choose Peace, for ourselves, our family, our lives. 

As we Live Peace, Live Love, Live Aloha, then Love spreads throughout our community, our cities, states and provinces, our countries, our planet...

As we choose Love, for ourselves and all, life becomes a beautiful adventure, a joyful experience, with endless possibilities opening up, learning and experiencing the fullness of life ~ with its bittersweetness, the joy of being in the Now. 

As we open our hearts and minds to new ways of being, as we shine our beautiful lights, we then can creatively live in joy, co-creating abundance, peace and more and more often embodying our infinite potential.

I Choose Love...    How about you?


Check out Shawn Gallaway's great video and music: 

"I Choose Love - the Experience"

Give yourself the gift of transforming easily and naturally.

"Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life."©

For more information in English and Español, contact:

LuSana Joy Hernández, MSW

Life Enhancement Coach
Intuitive Guide


Holistic Wellness
Transformative Energy

(In English & Español)

Please visit us again, as this website is updated  and will be translated into Spanish.
Favor de visitarnos, ya que se cambia este sitio de web y va a ser traducido al Español.) 

Alive With Aloha! ©

"Live Fully, Love Freely, Live Aloha Now." ©

"Viva Plenamente, Ame Libremente, Viva ALOHA Ahora."©

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"Viva Plenamente, Ame Libremente, Viva ALOHA Ahora".

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