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 Life and 'Reality' 

Life and 'Reality': The role of thought and experience

How is 'reality' created? Is there a difference between internal, personal 'subjective' reality and external, 'objective' reality? Would you like to be able to have more choice about your own experience of life?

If so, let's focus on personal 'reality' as an inner experience, based on thoughts, opinions, beliefs, feelings & ideas both known (that you are conscious of) and unknown (subconscious and unconscious). For many this is not a new concept, e.g. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7, KJV).

The more you realize that all you experience, & how you experience it, is a product of your thinking... The more heart-centered your thinking & the greater your conviction for more good in your life, the more able you are to experience your reality from a more beautiful state of greater peace, contentment, resiliency & ease.

It has long been known that to witness life moment-to-moment as the Observer gives you greater choice, as well as increased freedom from drama, trauma & suffering.

However, how do you get from being 'caught up' in an experience, stuck in the effects of what is going on (or run by the monkey mind within), to being the 'non-attached observer', able to live more fully from the heart, without being trapped in the suffering?

Would you like simple, revolutionary techniques to apply in your everyday life to free yourself? Instead of resisting what is, would you like to live more fully & freely in the flow of life, empower yourself & open to greater possibilities?

The more you understand how you can change your internal reality via getting to the source of it - your thinking, & the more you choose to manage your focus through the tools you can learn & practice, the more you can step out of what kept you feeling 'at the effect of life' (a victim of circumstances & challenges)... Then is becomes easier to release what no longer serves. Thus you affect your outer reality & enable yourself to embody & experience more of what you prefer.

The tools LuSana uses are not designed to have you pretend you aren't experiencing what you are experiencing. It is not about denial, suppressing your experience, trying to think positively over pre-existing negative or limiting beliefs, nor pretending things are different from how you see & experience them in the moment. It is about realizing there are different qualities of thoughts - life-affirming & contracting. Then learning the way to choose that which is life-affirming!

Nor are the tools designed to drastically force you to excavate old pain & traumas, nor unexpectely pry open up a Pandora's box that you may not be ready for. You apply the gentle tools on whatever you choose, when you decide based on your inner wisdom, & then you naturally experience shifts in how you feel & behave.   You can use the personalized techniques  to address any degree & depth  ~ whether a current, slight irritation or a deep trauma ~ at your own pace, gently, organically & holistically, with LuSana's support.  What a relief!

One of the greater gifts of the revolutionary techniques is that as things come up, in the moment, you can discover & dissolve layers of hidden, limiting aspects that were creating your internal experience of suffering. And then, through using the tools, you simply & easily integrate them. You address what surfaces in your consciousness as you are ready for it, & experience benefits with practice. You feel better more often, you see yourself changing for your good!

As you transform what is counterproductive, you free yourself from your past limitations & negative reactions. You are in essence 'unblocking' what has been keeping you from attracting what you prefer, thus vibrating at a higher level where you can attract, embody & receive your heart's wishes much more easily.

These simple & profound self-empowerment tools use the body as the focal point to address the aspects that have limited you, so the integration occurs on all levels: the mental, emotional, spiritual & physical. Freedom exists through integration of the Self. What does this look like in real life?

Reactivity & Ego-based Decisions versus Self-Determination & Sovereignty

How often have you found yourself having done something that upon reflection wasn't perhaps what you would have chosen, had you been in a clearer state of mind? How often have you reacted to things, acted from that ego state, out of habit & conditioning, in reaction to another person or the situation? Or perhaps made choices trying to please someone else, to fit in, or just get along? Then later, after reflecting on it, didn't you wish you'd chosen differently, more consciously?

This is a common human experience. When you choose unconsciously, rather than as a self-determined, sovereign being, you experience less-than empowering results. There's nothing wrong with this, as you can learn from all of your choices. It's all part of the process & the journey. Yet how about an easier way, a more graceful way to more fully live Life? How about empowering yourself & others, so that you are living win-win?!

Would you prefer to have more choice, be empowered, able to decide as a sovereign being, instead of being driven by fear, the ego, counterproductive thoughts, reactions & habits? Would you rather be able to choose consciously, as the Observer, with perspective, neutrality, heart, compassion & wisdom?  Would you like to see beyond your current viewpoint, thus be able to attract positivity, receive the good, & be creating from infinite possibility?

Use the tools regularly & you'll find this happening naturally. As you your awareness increases, you'll see changes in different & specific areas in your life, you'll find its transforming effect spreading to other areas of your life automatically.  You'll see life differently, thus see & attract new opportunities, more of what you truly prefer.  

With the consistent, easy use of the tools, the transformation is so natural that you may not even notice how much you've been changing (in the ways you've always wanted!) The process is very organic, allowing you to simply shed what no longer serves, & live life the way you prefer... from a greater, more expanded state. 


Learning new tools (remembering what you innately know) & using techniques that you apply offers the gift of self-empowerment. You choose. You decide. You will find that it is possible to truly live more fully, in the moment, in the flow of life, as a conscious being, enjoying, being more at peace, in harmony, learning easily & communicating more effectively. Life's speed bumps no longer trigger you into huge pits.

As you transform, you'll find yourself embodying the innate, natural qualities you've always wanted to express. Improve your relationships, your health, your finances, your career ~ any area of your life!

The beauty is that the more you choose to apply the tools, the freer you are to be all that you choose to be. These tools are easy to apply, anywhere, anytime, to anything you'd like to address. You choose.


Give yourself the gift of transforming easily and naturally.

"Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life."©

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