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 Services & Offerings 

LuSana offers empowering, life enhancing Coaching; Intuitive Guidance, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Mentoring, Self-Healing Sessions, & Transformative Energy.

She also has Wellness Consultations & Classes. All services are designed so that you can more confidently & easily tap into your own, Inner Source of wellbeing, calmness, clarity, perspective & conscious choice. 

Sessions are holistic (as we are comprised of a mind, body & spirit), designed specifically to meet your needs.  Allow yourself to empower your highest self... Learn & practice what supports you in being your best you!

All sessions include & integrate the mind~body~spirit, opening you to better experience more of your true essence, be more at peace, function more effectively at home & at work, improve your relationships, & bring out the best in yourself & others. 

Life is a journey, offering us challenges & opportunities for expansion, regardless of our current circumstances & our pasts.

If you are tired, stressed, dealing with chronic illnesses, chronic pain or challenging relationships, struggling with sensitivities, or a past that haunts you -
And, if you are truly committed to your highest good... ready to shift, move forward... make necessary positive changes in how you think & live your life... 

Come discover how these external challenges can start losing their pull, as you put into practice empowering techniques & become increasingly aware of how you too can experience more contentment, joy of life, resiliency, harmony & fun in your life!  

With the rapid changes in today's world, rediscover how to stay more grounded & centered, access your common sense & inner guidance more easily, make more life affirming choices, & handle the bumps in the road with greater joy, ease, vision & grace. You so totally deserve it!


Sessions are offered via phone, Zoom & Skype.
Classes are held via Zoom, online.

LuSana uses a variety of Holistic Techniques & conventional Western modalities. She meets you where you are, offering to share skills that guide you & empower you.

Modalities LuSana draws from depend on your needs, as sessions are co-creative. LuSana has over 33 years of  professional training & personal experience to draw from.
Techniques we will use are for your smoothest & most graceful healing shifts & transformation.

Please click on "Contact LuSana" to email for further information about any modality or service offered & to schedule a session. (Services offered in English & Español).




Give yourself the gift of transforming easily and naturally.

"Transform Yourself, Transform Your Life."©

For more information in English and Español, contact LuSana:

Life Enhancement Coach
Intuitive Guide


Holistic Wellness
Transformative Energy

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